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We supply a wide range of wear products for all industries including: Construction, Mining, Forestry, Utility, Road & Highway Maintenance. Let us work for you to become your supplier of choice.



Morfco Supplies is proud to represent ESCO attachments in British Columbia. If you are looking for safety, high production and well – built attachments, look no further. Posi Grab is one of the many safety-oriented systems we supply.
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Custom Castings & Wear Parts

Are you looking to increase wear life on a product? Do you want to change a component of the products design? Morfco Supplies is connected to a global network of foundries. We’ve got the connections to make sure your custom castings fit all your needs. For more information please call our offices at 250-372-3399
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Kennametal is a North American carbide manufacturer, and one of the largest carbide manufacturers in the world. Their grinding products offer customers extended wear life, and longer productivity due to a greater quality of carbide in their products.
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Road Maintenance

For many years Morfco has supplied products that specialize in maintaining optimal road safety. Our products performance is unparalleled and have been proven to work in some of the toughest conditions in North America. Our team is committed to having substantial stock in order to meet your emergency wear part needs.
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Wire Rope

Morfco Supplies is a proud distributor of one of the strongest shovel rope products in the world. Wire Rope Industries is proven to work in extreme conditions.
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Breathers help ensure your hydraulic motors can have the longest life span possible by removing contamination from your fluids, as well as storage tanks for fuel.
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Construction Tools

Morfco provides everything in construction tools.
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Ground Engaging Tools

Our ground engaging products are produced by North American and European steel manufacturers. Our suppliers have storied histories of producing some of the strongest steel in the world. Regardless of the terrain where you operate we have a solution for you.
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Sweeper Brooms

Morfco stocks large quantities of sweeper brooms from two of the most recognized manufacturers in North America. We stock brooms for tennant sweepers, elgin sweepers, and global sweepers.
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Wear Solutions

Morfco Supplies has a variety of options for extending the wear life of high wear products and equipment. Our solutions range in application and can be used on products such as, shoot liners, dozer skins, bucket floors and rock truck liners
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Whether your project is for site preparation or above ground operations we have the best ground engaging tools to help you get the job done. Our products will ensure that you can dig through the toughest material.
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We offer a wide variety of solutions for our construction customers. Our product lines are recognized leaders with patented technologies to help you get any job done.
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Morfco Supplies has been in the traction tire chain industry for over 25 years. Over this time frame we have aligned ourselves with the number one traction chain in the world, amongst other leading products. Within the last 10 years we have added Trygg, Fram and Pewag to the lines we carry.
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Tire Chains

Morfco Supplies offers a variety of tire chains that address everything from highway road maintenance needs to, road construction, mining and forestry traction chains.
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Rubber Track

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