Superior flexible high wear resistance track, good tear resistance, anti-piercing and anti-ageing properties are produced by X-TRAC’s advanced natural and synthetic rubber blending technology.


With a stringent ISO9001-2008 quality assurance process, and advanced testing equipment, X-TRAC excavator rubber track ensures a premium, durable, and reliable replacement rubber track while being manufactured to OEM specifications within their 500 acre production facility in China.


Protection and strong bonding with the rubber compound during vulcanization are ensured by premium cast iron metal lugs put through a cleaning and chemical treatment process followed by two different coatings to remove and prevent rust.


Jointless steel cable technology, originally developed by X-TRAC, is utilized for construction of the rubber track. During this process, steel cable is wound around a bobbin mould and sealed with a rubber membrane resulting in a superior track with increased tensile strength. Each steel cord is wrapped and covered with rubber, reducing friction between cables and resulting in enhanced durability.